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2017 Cincinnati Gives

A Child’s Hope Int’l  is thrilled to be participating in Cincinnati Magazine’s Cincinnati Gives 2017 Challenge! The Cincinnati Gives Challenge is a fundraising campaign launched by Cincinnati Magazine where non-profit organizations in the greater Cincinnati area compete to raise the most money with the top team winning a grand prize cash donation of $15,000.

The campaign launches on November 28th at 12pm ET and a total of $30,000 will be given away to organizations in the Challenge. The organization that raises the most will receive a $15,000 donation. Second will receive $6,000 and third will receive $3,000. We’re ready to raise as much money as we can so we can win the $15,000 grand prize donation.

A donation to A Child’s Hope Int’l on the OFFICIAL Cincinnati Gives website will directly support 100 orphans with high protein food, clean drinking water and life giving hope not for 1 day, or 1 week or even 1 month BUT FOR ONE ENTIRE YEAR. And provide a fresh water well and two safe buildings for sleeping, eating and learning!

Help us provide food, water, and hope for 100 orphans for 1 year in Uganda, Africa at the cost of only 25 cents a day for each orphan in the refugee camp. The goal is to raise a total of $120,000 which will

  1. cover the costs of the food, water, and life-giving hope supplies for one year;
  2. fund a lasting water supply with a new freshwater well and
  3. help construct orphanage buildings for the boys and girls.

So, let’s work together to help the children who cannot help themselves!

We have compiled some of the commonly asked questions and answers regarding the campaign.

If you do not see your question, use the form below and we will get back to you promptly.

Your donation on the Crowdwise website is secure, safe and easy! Every donation is tax deductible.

Remember the goal is to win the prize so that we can send help for today and hope for tomorrow.

For information, comments or suggestions regarding the Cincinnati Gives campaign please call (513) 771-2244 or fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.