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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Cincinnati Gives Challenge?

The Cincinnati Gives Challenge is a fundraising competition hosted by Cincinnati Magazine where nearly 100 charities compete to raise the most money with the top teams winning cash prizes from Cincinnati Magazine. It is contest among the participants (all are charities in the greater Cincinnati area) to help them gain financial support, awareness and support for their charitable work.

Q: How long does the competition last?

Everything launches on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 12:00pm ET and runs through Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 1:59:59pm ET.

Q: What is Crowdrise? 

CrowdRise is the world’s #1 fundraising site for charitable and personal causes. Crowdrise was selected by Cincinnati Magazine to support the Cincinnati Gives campaign.  The Crowdrise web site is the only venue by which online donations to the Cincinnati Gives Challenge can be made.

 Q: Why does A Child’s Hope Int’l want to be involved?

We seldom, if ever, pay for paid advertising as we invest the donations from our donors into programs that help orphans and vulnerable children. This campaign will improve our visibility to people who do not about the work we do and it makes us eligible for additional donations from the sponsors.  The team that raises the most during the Challenge wins a $15,000 donation. Second place receives $6,000. Third place receives $3,000

 Q: Did A Child’s Hope Int’l win the first place award in 2016?

We did win and it was a remarkable event from start to finish. Although we do not advertise nor spend a lot of funds on advertising, we discovered that people love us and the work we do. They ave generously so that the orphans and vulnerable children we serve in Swaziland would receive life saving supplies.

Q: Why was A Child’s Hope Int’l selected to participate in the Cincinnati Gives Challenge?

Cincinnati Magazine used GuideStar to identify the top charitable organizations with a 501c3 status in Cincinnati. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. A Childs Hope Int’l has the Gold status within Guidestar – an accreditation level only achieved by 9% of charities.

We were compelled to compete again this year because of the great need in Uganda. The reality is that these 100 orphans are living in an open field without safe housing, food or places to sleep.

Q: Do I have to donate online, can I send you a check?

Donors are encouraged to donate online during the Challenge time period to help A Childs Hope Int’l earn the extra donations from the event sponsors. When that is not possible, donors are encouraged to send their donations to us in the form most appropriate for them. See http://thechildrenarewaiting.org/header/donate/ for more information.

Q: Can I give you stock, jewelry or other items to help as a donation?

Those gifts are always welcome and appreciated. Unfortunately, they cannot be used for the Challenge campaign. They will, however, help us achieve our objectives of helping more orphans and vulnerable children.

Q: How much do you need to raise to help 1000 orphans?

Our goal is to raise $120,000, which will provide our special high protein food (Hands Against Hunger™), clean drinking water and life giving hope for 1000 orphans and vulnerable children for 1 year in Swaziland, Africa.  This amounts to approximately $10/month per child.  Swaziland has the tragic distinction as having the highest HIV infection rate in the world with orphans comprising nearly 10% of their total population.

Q: What happens if you do not raise those funds?

The orphans and vulnerable children rely upon our daily help; if we do not raise the funds from the Challenge, we will continue to look for other ways to sustain their lives with the essential provisions provided by our Hope Boxes™.

 Q: How much of my donation goes to your overhead and other expenses?

Our annual tax statements and financial audits show that at least 90% of all donations go directly to program expenses.  A Child’s Hope Int’l does not own any real estate, and we do not have any debt.

Q: I cannot donate right now, are there other ways I can help you charity?

There are a myriad of ways to be involved through your time and talents. We always need more volunteers for our Hands Against Hunger™ events at the Hope Factory™. And there is always a need for help in other ways during the week, call our office at 513-771-2244 or see http://thechildrenarewaiting.org/header/help/ for more information.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible and will I get a receipt?

Your donation to the Cincinnati Gives Challenge is tax deductible and you will get a year-end statement for your tax filings. A gift to A Child’s Hope Int’l is always tax deductible any time of the year as long as the gift is received by December 31.

Q: How often can I donate online?

During the Cincinnati Gives Challenge period, you can donate as often as you wish. Every donation helps us reach our goal and makes us eligible for special incentives during the competition period.