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Patterson Park Church Mobile - Group 2


ppc-logo350This is a special event sponsored by Patterson Park Church and is open to the PPC church family as well as everyone from the Beavercreek area. The event is age, ability, and family friendly.

Children 7 and younger are counted as one volunteer. These younger children are encouraged to participate with their parents but are NOT included as a volunteer on the assembly lines. Childcare for younger children is not available.

Price: $0.00

Start Time: 12:30 pm
End Time: 3:00 pm

Date: April 6, 2019

Patterson Park Church
3655 E Patterson Rd
Beavercreek, Ohio
Map and Directions

Registration Details

Volunteer Waiver and Release Form

Every attendee must respond with a YES that they have read and accepted the terms of the Volunteer Waiver and Release Form in order to attend this event. Please do not proceed with the Personal Information section until this question is answered as you will not be able to submit the form at the end.

Let's Begin with a Simple Question for PPC

Do you attend PPC or are you one of our neighbors from the greater Beavercreek community?

Personal Information

Your contact information is only used for our registration purposes and is never sold or distributed to others. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information.

Community Information for PPC

If you do not attend PPC, we're glad you are coming! We would appreciate knowing more about your group (i.e. school, business, worship, sports team, etc).

Number of Volunteer Requests

Please provide an accurate count for each age category. Children 7 and under MUST serve with an adult and are not counted in the total number of volunteers.

Total Number of Volunteers

Please add up the number of children(8-12), teens and adults that will be attending and put that number in the box below.

This is Your Final Question!

How many in your group need a sit-down assignment (WATER & LIFE ) or are able to volunteer for the WORK assignments? Leave this blank if you want everyone on the FOOD lines.