Our Beginnings

The organization began in the spring of 2008 after the founder returned from a vision trip to sub-Sahara Africa. While there he became fully aware of how serious the orphan crisis had become. Not only were the orphans of the world alone and without hope, but countless numbers of these children were perishing from hunger and thirst. As the epidemic of HIV/AIDS was sweeping Africa, it was also spreading across other third world countries, making the crisis even worse.

In the United States, the children in foster care represented another focal point of concern. Although they were not classified as “orphans” per se, many of them were without at least one parent and all of them would be considered vulnerable from a risk perspective.

With those realities in mind, the founder left his current position as a church pastor to pursue the goal of helping churches and communities become more aware of the crisis affecting orphans and vulnerable children worldwide. That goal was to establish realistic opportunities for those churches and communities to become solution providers. This led him to launch A Child’s Hope Int’l.

The challenge now is as great as it was in 2008 as the population of orphans and vulnerable children continues to grow. The fatherless children in our communities are growing faster than the number of qualified caregivers and good homes become available. Worldwide unrest, natural disasters, poverty and disease are tragedies which marginalize children and place them at risk. None of these agents of neglect have subsided and in fact they have increased in numbers.

This non-profit organization has built a model that relies upon:

  • A small staff.
  • A committed core group of advisors and team leaders.
  • A devoted group of Red Shirt Team volunteers who serve alongside with a shared vision.
  • A casual group of volunteers from churches and communities, who serve, give and are recruited into Red Shirt Team members and possible core advisors.
  • A set of core values that serve as our foundation and establishes the culture of the organization.

The culture of the organization (stressing ethics, values, mission and vision) is shared with the staff and the core groups as new members are added. The organization re-states these core values to ensure they remain alive and clear.

A Child’s Hope Int’l maintains clear and consistent policies on privacy, transparency and honesty in all aspects of volunteer management, fund raising, accounting and financial reporting. As new social concerns emerge, they are aligned with the organizations’ mission. Although the mission over time may change and adapt to the current needs, the core values remain the same.