Our Results

Many consider A Child’s Hope Int’l to be very effective in managing costs and overhead.

After all, our 90% donation to program expense ratio is one of the highest in the non-profit sector.

That is one of the reasons we have achieved the Gold Level of achievement with Guidestar Exchange accreditation.

It would be better though to explain our effectiveness in helping orphans and vulnerable children through our results.

How effective have we been with donor dollars in helping the children we serve locally, regionally and internationally?

The answer represents far more than percentages –it represents the returns seen with the investments of every donated dollar.

As a result of donor support, we are able to:

  • Feed 20,000 children a day – every day with no government support
  • Maintain 25c a serving for over 10 years even as other food costs have risen sharply
  • Produce over 5 million gallons of clean drinking water for less than a ¼ of a penny a glass
  • Ship over 4000 tons of high protein food with a 99+% delivery rate
  • Produce nearly 50 million high protein meals by hand and by machine
  • Recruit over 120,000 volunteers without paid advertising
  • Operate without debt while maintaining strong accreditation with major independent agencies
  • Help several families adopt an orphan from foster care or internationally with financial grants
  • Provide tons of humanitarian aid such as clothing, blankets, medical supplies and shelter items
  • Educate thousands from the community on the plight of the orphan with opportunities to serve
  • Recruit a large group of special volunteers (called the Red Shirt Team) who serve others
  • Sustain a 96% ratio of Red Shirt Team volunteers to staff

Many consider A Child’s Hope Int’l to be very effective in managing costs and overhead. And rightfully so – but the results shown above are the best measure of what can be done with the funds donated to us by those who care about orphans and vulnerable children.